Requested By Name

After the PACT Act amendments went into effect and online vape sales shut down, vapers everywhere began trying to find a way to get their favorite flavors. We’d like to share a success story from one of our customers.

“This is how I talked my local Vape shop, into carrying Mister-E. I simply went into the shop and showed them my order history. As soon as they saw I was spending as much money as I was, they called that day, and set up an account. If the Vape shop knows that their customer base is going to buy the product, it seems they are more willing to go out of their way to get the juice you desire.” – Shawn

If you’re still looking for a local vape shop to buy Mister-E-Liquid from, try what Shawn did! It seems like a pretty effective method. Our wholesale team is adding new shops every day. Have your shop contact¬†our team at or call 855-647-8373.

Wondering if there’s already a local store near you that carries Mister-E-Liquid? The Authorized Reseller Map can help you find out!